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Against the Grain

Autumn 2018

Revd Canon Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’ Piccadilly, said recently, “Garth Hewitt writes redemption songs and then sings them without fear. His voice comes through clearly… challenging us by his witness to act for justice. His is a brave voice, needed more than ever in a fearful world and in a sometimes timid church. Please God, it will help us sing redemption songs of our own.”

Revd Lucy was referring to Garth’s new book of memoirs Against the Grain, which is also the name of his current tour – as his book is just published, Garth will weave readings from it throughout his evening of songs and stories. Traditionally Garth is invited to give concerts, but increasingly frequently now he is being asked to bring his message to Sunday Services which he is happy to do, usually filling the “sermon spot” by answering questions and also illustrating with songs.

The challenges Garth brings seem more important than ever today, and so we are looking for a few more dates to complete his Against the Grain tour – there are various dates still available throughout the autumn of 2018.
Hosting Garth helps bring themes of truth and justice to the forefront of your community and gives Garth a chance to tell stories of hope and courage from some of those around the world whose voices are not often heard.

We aim to make hosting a Garth event as simple as possible and will help in every way that we can. So if you would like more information please contact or by phone 07976 360844.

You will know if you’ve hosted Garth previously that whilst challenging, the evening is also inspiring, energising and fun! And always Garth tells stories born out of visits to partners of Amos Trust.

For further information contact Garth’s PA, Isobel Webster, at or by phone on 07976 360844. Read more…


A song for International Women’s Day

A song for international women’s day – this song is about a true story of a Dalit woman in India and reminds us to pray and campaign for the Dalits in India, particularly in these difficult times for the Dalit community





They chose her to raise the flag

On National Independence Day

They chose her to raise the flag

But it nearly cost her life.

After 50 years of independence

She should have raised it high

But instead he knocked her down and laid her low


He beat her up and told her that she was not worthy

He beat her up and told her because she is a Dalit

He knocked her down to teach her a lesson she won’t forget

She is not worthy to raise the National flag.


But they chose her …


And when the time of the dark moon comes you can hear her calling

And when the time of the dark moon comes, you can hear her voice

She’s sitting all alone and her mind is confused

She’s paid the price for the lesson that she’s learnt


But they chose her …


from the album Stealing Jesus Back


Words & music by Garth Hewitt

℗ & © 2014 GingerDog Records

GingerDog Records Limited

3 The Chase, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0RT




‘Singing hymns of liberation

As we journey on the road

Let justice roll – let freedom come

With deeds of love and liberation’

Garth Hewitt

Hymns of Liberation