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Garth’s Christmas album available now

Peace at ChristmasGarth’s long-awaited Christmas album is available now here on CD – Garth says,

“The relevance of the message of Christmas at the moment could not be higher – Jesus is born into poverty or at least a very simple way of life, the way of the people of power or empire is consciously rejected, there is a massacre of children in Bethlehem, and of course Jesus was soon a refugee fleeing for his life through Gaza down to Africa…

“I wanted the album to have a good Christmas feel, to be ideal to start playing at the beginning of December or the beginning of Advent. But I also wanted the album not to forget that we live in a painful world and the message and lifestyle of the Prince of Peace is a radical revolution of the values of the Kingdom or community of God that go up against the empires of our world; the empires are dependent on their weapons and the members of the community of God use the values of non violence, equality, peace, justice and love. Christmas introduces us to this amazing story of God’s revolution of love.”


The downloadable version is available at GingerDog Records here, or you can order your CD now


now recorded on the new album – Little Boy Down

Garth performed his song Little Boy Down for the first time at St Peter & St Paul Church, Reepham, Lincoln, on 2nd December 2015 – it is a year since the events which inspired this song and he has included it on the Christmas album Peace at Christmas







‘I remember when I was a kid seeing Garth Hewitt on stage. He was banging on about Christians having a heart for the poor and saving the world and frankly I didn’t get any of it. Garth has always been ahead of his time and we are all catching up with what God has been saying through Garth for the last 30 years. I wish I had listened closer, but it sometimes takes a lifetime to recognise a true prophet. It is people like Garth who make us look at the world differently and realise what it is to be a true Christian.’


– Martin Smith (Delirious?)