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Watch this clip of Garth on his recent US tour singing the title track of the album Something for the Soul – see below venues where you can catch Garth live


June 26 – Sevenoaks, Kent

August 28-31 – Greenbelt, Boughton House near Kettering

September 26 – Amos Day, Central London

September 30 – Central Birmingham

October 2 – Nottingham

October 10 – Forest Row, East Sussex

October 18 – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

October 23 – Ipswich, Suffolk

December 2 – Reepham, Lincoln, Lincs


April 15 – Wolverhampton

April 16 – Rubery, Worcestershire

April 28 – Portsmouth

May 21 – with Paul Field, London


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Prayer for Pentecost and Trinity Sunday

O Holy Trinity, God of community,
open our eyes to your ways,
open our hearts to your love,
and open our minds to your attitude,
where all are invited and all are welcomed
and where the healing hope of the Easter gospel becomes a reality.


May we make the ways of God visible in our world
as we play our part in the community of love and justice,
what Jesus called the kingdom of God.


So may we walk away from the excluding views of the past
strengthened by the Spirit of Pentecost,
to live and work to bring your peace
and to make your values visible in our world.


© Garth Hewitt
for permission to copy
please contact GHF


‘I remember when I was a kid seeing Garth Hewitt on stage. He was banging on about Christians having a heart for the poor and saving the world and frankly I didn’t get any of it. Garth has always been ahead of his time and we are all catching up with what God has been saying through Garth for the last 30 years. I wish I had listened closer, but it sometimes takes a lifetime to recognise a true prophet. It is people like Garth who make us look at the world differently and realise what it is to be a true Christian.’


- Martin Smith (Delirious?)