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Against the Grain – Garth’s new book and double CD now available for pre-order

“A mixture of stories, theology, wisdom, music, humour – all building together to say something really important… but gently.”


The publishing date for Garth’s book is the end of January.

We are offering a pre-order price of £15 including postage – on all orders received before 14th December we will send out a voucher for those who would like to give it as a “Christmas promise”.


The book will be accompanied by a double CD with what Garth describes as “…an eclectic choice of songs from down the years, with some brand new tracks and a surprise or two.”

The Double CD retails at £12.99 – we are also able to supply a “promise voucher” for it.

We are offering the book and double CD together for a pre-order price of £25 postage included.


If you would like to pre-order ether the book, the CD, or the package of both, please let us know by emailing  stating your order, your postal address, and whether you would like to pay by cheque or bank transfer.

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Holy Moments

God of gentleness and humility

Becoming human in simplicity

Bringing joy to the world.

In the birth of a child

We find meaning and dignity.

May we show the love and the humility of Jesus

That brings holy moments to wounded people

And joy and hope and laughter

To forgotten communities.

Teach us to be meek

Treating this beautiful world with gentleness,

Showing love to our neighbours,

And studying war no more.

So we bring a blessing of joy to others this Christmas

And throughout the year.






© Garth Hewitt

for permission to copy 

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‘Singing hymns of liberation

As we journey on the road

Let justice roll – let freedom come

With deeds of love and liberation’

Garth Hewitt

Hymns of Liberation