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Wi’am Christmas appeal

For the month of December, Garth and his record producer GingerDog Records are giving all the proceeds from download sales of the single Bethlehem is Calling to Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution and Transformation Centre, in Bethlehem.  They have also made available a meditational film of the song, including lyrics, for use in worship.

For more information about Wi’am’s Christmas Appeal for this year, or to buy the single, click here


Prayer for Advent

O God, from the heart of Bethlehem
From the heart of occupied land
You have sent a message
To shake the world
Thank you for the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem
That gives so many clues as to your character
In the birth of this child we discover a spirituality
Of hope, peace, justice
Thank you that a child born in simplicity
Amongst a poor community
Speaks of the values of the way of peace
Thank you that you are a God of the poor
The marginalised
Those for whom there is no room
And that’s why this is a way of life and a theology
That gives such hope
Because no on is forgotten
May we hear the call
And live out the lifestyle
That helps to build a community
That reflects this alternative way
Of a loving God
A community of justice
That asserts simplicity
And the worth of every human being
Thank you that you are a humble, generous God
Who stopped to show us the way of love
In Bethlehem




‘I remember when I was a kid seeing Garth Hewitt on stage. He was banging on about Christians having a heart for the poor and saving the world and frankly I didn’t get any of it. Garth has always been ahead of his time and we are all catching up with what God has been saying through Garth for the last 30 years. I wish I had listened closer, but it sometimes takes a lifetime to recognise a true prophet. It is people like Garth who make us look at the world differently and realise what it is to be a true Christian.’


- Martin Smith (Delirious?)