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Watch this clip of Garth on his recent US tour singing the title track of the album Something for the Soul – see below venues where you can catch Garth live




September 30 – Central Birmingham – CANCELLED!

October 2 – Nottingham

October 3 – Hounslow, Middlesex

October 10 – Forest Row, East Sussex

October 18 – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

October 23 – Ipswich, Suffolk

November 13 – Eastbourne, East Sussex

December 2 – Reepham, Lincoln, Lincs


April 15 – Wolverhampton

April 16 – Rubery, Worcestershire

May 21 – with Paul Field, London


or invite Garth to your venue – details here


Giving thanks for creativity and music

O God, we’re grateful for music and art and poetry –

for creativity that lifts our spirits

and moves our souls
We’re grateful that it challenges us

and opens our eyes

and sensitizes our consciences
We’re grateful for the joy it can bring

or the storytelling it can encompass.

Creative God – giver of creative gifts that bring a deep and extra dimension to our lives
Keep us thankful and generous in our spirits

“Poetry is a human right” said a sign in Nicaragua –

so is music – so is art.

We are grateful for these gifts

that can keep our imagination alive

and our soul challenged and inspired.
Oh God, keep us sensitive and creative,

and keep us listening.




‘I remember when I was a kid seeing Garth Hewitt on stage. He was banging on about Christians having a heart for the poor and saving the world and frankly I didn’t get any of it. Garth has always been ahead of his time and we are all catching up with what God has been saying through Garth for the last 30 years. I wish I had listened closer, but it sometimes takes a lifetime to recognise a true prophet. It is people like Garth who make us look at the world differently and realise what it is to be a true Christian.’


- Martin Smith (Delirious?)