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Against the Grain

Amidst the success of his current tour, Garth has been planning his next tour’s itinerary.  Autumn 2017 is almost completely booked out now but there are still some dates available for Spring 2018.


As always the concerts will feature songs that tell stories, especially of different places where Amos Trust is working.


Hosting Garth in your church or venue is a way of bringing themes of truth and justice to the forefront of your community, and of very practically helping people around the world who receive support through Amos Trust projects.  It’s fun and we try to make it as straightforward as possible.


For further information contact Garth’s PA, Isobel Webster, at or by phone on 07976 360844.




The Devil’s Moment

When the bombers are flying in the name of peace

With people hungry when they needn’t be

It’s the demon of greed when selfishness wins

It’s the devil’s moment.


When the innocent die because our cause is right

When fear is alive and cuts like a knife

When unfaithfulness wins and mistrust is alive

It’s the devil’s moment.


An aeroplane against a clear blue sky

Fearfully guided by an evil eye

Both sides of the world so many will die

It’s the devil’s moment.


Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison


When we turn away and pass on by

Though the cock crow we avert our eyes

When we don’t speak up so the truth dies

It’s the devil’s moment.


In Auschwitz or Palestine

Maybe on your street, maybe on mine

From Hiroshima to Rwanda genocide

It’s the devil’s moment.


They say if a butterfly beats its wings on one side of the world

On the other side a hurricane comes

So if we say a lie on one side of the world

What will happen on the other side?


May the words of my mouth – the thoughts of my heart

Be acceptable in your eyes, O God

Or I co-operate with the darker side, and … It’s the devil’s moment.


Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison








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‘Let justice roll on like a river

Truth like a never failing ever flowing stream

Then tears of rage will turn to laughter

And people become what they should be


– Garth Hewitt

Let Justice Roll (The People of the West)

from the album Justice Like a River