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Against the Grain – Garth’s new book and double CD pre-order offer extended!

“A mixture of stories, theology, wisdom, music, humour – all building together to say something really important… but gently.”


The publishing date for Garth’s book has moved to February.

Therefore we have extended the offer of a pre-order price of £15 including postage until 21st February.


The book will be accompanied by a double CD with what Garth describes as “…an eclectic choice of songs from down the years, with some brand new tracks and a surprise or two.”

The Double CD retails at £12.99


We are offering the book and double CD together for a pre-order price of £25 postage included until the 21st of February.


If you would like to pre-order either the book, the CD, or the package of both, please let us know by emailing  stating your order, your postal address, and whether you would like to pay by cheque or bank transfer.


Garth says, “My book is a journey that reflects choices and influences both musical and spiritual.  There are stories, and I talk about music, theology, the enjoyment, and why I made various choices.

I take time to speak about various aspects of the songs and recording, there’s a chapter about the Greenbelt Festival and my involvement in the early days; one about the time when I was with EMI for the album Did He Jump or Was He Pushed produced by Cliff Richard, then chapters about the change where I started to reflect more on issues of justice, from Road to Freedom  to Lonesome Troubadour; a chapter on theology called ‘Steaing Jesus Back’; one about the days at All Hallows on the Wall when I was with Christian Aid as well as Amos; a chapter on Palestine entitled ‘From St Jerome to Banksy’, and of course one on the Amos Trust as to why I started it.  And in all of this some personal moments about family and friends.

It’s a mixture which hopefully paints a picture that has something important to say about the road to justice and hope.”



‘Singing hymns of liberation

As we journey on the road

Let justice roll – let freedom come

With deeds of love and liberation’

Garth Hewitt

Hymns of Liberation