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Holy Moments

God of gentleness and humility

Becoming human in simplicity

Bringing joy to the world.

In the birth of a child

We find meaning and dignity.

May we show the love and the humility of Jesus

That brings holy moments to wounded people

And joy and hope and laughter

To forgotten communities.

Teach us to be meek

Treating this beautiful world with gentleness,

Showing love to our neighbours,

And studying war no more.

So we bring a blessing of joy to others this Christmas

And throughout the year.






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in the quiet


In the quiet I come to you

I find strength to start anew

Breathing out and breathing in

In the quiet I come to you


I find stillness in the storm

Despite the struggles all around

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God of the just heart

God of the just heart

In the challenging words of the Sermon on the Mount

‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice

They shall be satisfied’

You remind us that satisfaction does not lie

Where we might expect it
In the security of wealth and privilege

But in the joy of doing what is right

And in working to assert the value and dignity of other people

Because this is the calling of your community

This builds relationships and just societies

This brings deep satisfaction

As all are made welcome.


So keep us hungering and thirsting

For the values that make us all whole

And then we know the healing fountains will start.



Holy Dreams to Feed the Soul



eternal echoes

Eternal echoes are calling me somewhere on the wind

They’re hard to hear – sometimes I fear I won’t hear them again

But they return and seem to say you’ve somewhere you belong

Eternal echoes are leading me with the silent voice of love

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All Hallows on the Wall farewell Eucharist liturgy

In this moment, we bring ourselves, and our day,

We gather our random thoughts, our scattered lives.

We bring the entirety of ourselves to this place of calm, this place of safety.

We seek sanctuary so that we can risk everything.

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