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A book of love written by a loving man who sees injustice to the poor with the eye and heart of a poet

Reviews of Garth’s new book “Occupied Territories, the Revolution of Love from Bethlehem to the Ends of the Earth” are now appearing in the media – here are a few:



OCCUPIED TERRITORIES is a book of love written by a loving man who sees injustice to the poor with the eye and heart of a poet. His stunning poetry and his masterful research quoting theologians and prophetic voices as well as stories of travel with the disenfranchised in many countries will be a hard read for anyone not wanting to see the real world as it is. For followers of Jesus who hear Christ’s command to care for the poor, this book will be a balm and a rallying cry. It is not just a book about injustice toward the Palestinians, though it is that. It is a prophetic book of love deeply rooted in the Christian story and Christ’s call to embrace the poor and all of those whom the powerful consider the “untouchables.” Garth Hewitt is a singer, composer and song writer as well as a theologian. Occupied Territories just sings his message of love. I highly recommend it as a study book for personal spiritual insight and for Christian congregations everywhere.
James L. Pike, Retired Pastor, The Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC, USA


A powerful call for Christians to embrace God’s revolution of love through political and social action


From his role in founding the Amos Trust to his folksy music, which I first heard at a Greenbelt circa 1980, singer-songwriter, author and Anglican priest Garth Hewitt’s ministry has always been characterised by an eclectic spirituality and a theology that is firmly rooted in biblical notions of justice and equality.

In this unusual but stimulating book, Hewitt blends song lyrics and liturgies with his own musings on justice, Jesus, extreme wealth and non-violence, with a special focus on Palestine and Bethlehem. He also unpacks the Old Testament book of Amos, the source of his charity’s name, with its prophetic imperative (famously invoked by Martin Luther King) that ‘justice roll on like a river’ (Amos 5:24). Read more…






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