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30 – double album

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Track list:


  1. When Johnny Cash Sang Man in Black
  2. On an April Day (Deir Yassin Remembered)
  3. Memories
  4. Light a Candle in the Darkness (for Rachel Corrie)
  5. The People of the West (Amos Rides Again)
  6. You are Loved (Stephen Lawrence)
  7. Living Under the Mercy
  8. Dance on Injustice
  9. Atlantic View
  10. The Caretaker
  11. Wooden Cross Rider
  12. Don’t Blame God for Christmas (He Only Sent His Son)
  13. In a Polish winter
  14. The Holy One (Has Crossed the River)
  15. I Never Knew Life Was in Full Technicolour (till I saw it on the silver screen)
  16. Not in My Name
  17. Strange Weapons
  18. A Child is the Future
  19. Lonesome Troubadour
  20. The Feast of Life
  21. A World of Difference
  22. Walk the Talk
  23. Record of the Weak
  24. Thirty-Two years
  25. Vicious Circle
  26. All the Time
  27. Travellin’ (Back Home to You)
  28. Holy Ground
  29. We Need Your Mother Love O God
  30. I Shall Fall



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