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Against the Grain – Choices on a Journey With Justice


The story of singer, songwriter, priest, author and activist Garth Hewitt, in his own words


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A mixture of stories, theology, wisdom, music, humour – all building together to say something really important… but gently.


Garth says of Against the Grain, “My book is a journey that reflects choices and influences both musical and spiritual. There are stories, and I talk about music, theology, the enjoyment, and why I made various choices. I take time to speak about various aspects of the songs and recording, there’s a chapter about the Greenbelt Festival and my involvement in the early days; one about the time when I was with EMI for the album Did He Jump or Was He Pushed produced by Cliff Richard, then chapters about the change where I started to reflect more on issues of justice, from Road to Freedom to Lonesome Troubadour; a chapter on theology called ‘Stealing Jesus Back’; one about the days at All Hallows on the Wall when I was with Christian Aid as well as Amos; a chapter on Palestine entitled ‘From St Jerome to Banksy’, and of course one on the Amos Trust as to why I started it. And in all of this some personal moments about family and friends.

It’s a mixture which hopefully paints a picture that has something important to say about the road to justice and hope.”

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