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Easter Revolution


Songs for living the Easter Revolution throughout the year – written in a time of various levels of lockdown, this is an Easter album to remind us that the Easter Revolution is for life, not just for Easter.

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Songs for living the Easter Revolution all year around


“The most timely album of the year” Canon Edward Pruen

“It was no effort to tell you how much I enjoyed Easter Revolution. You are singing the message we all need to hear. We should roll up our sleeves – there are tasks to be done!” Blake

“I know Garth’s songs almost by heart, as I have played the CD so much.  I love it.Lizzie Sayers

“The wonderful Easter Revolution – really visionary, sustaining hope.” Val Hallard – Member of Synod  


Welcome to the Peacemaker

An Easter Prayer

Forgiveness for humanity – A Hymn for Lent

Oscar Romero new recording

When Resurrection came to Palestine

Jesus of the Scars – Edward Shillito poem – 1919 new recording

Hail glorious morn Chartist Hymn from 1845 Recorded 2013

The Pope went down to Nagasaki

True Companion – A Hymn for Pentecost

In the city of Jerusalem

By your cross (and your life laid down) 

We went Downstairs (to the Upper room)

Introduce yourself afresh – (Thoughts from Emmaus)

The Holy One (has crossed the river)

Easter Revolution – Finale


For Garth’s Easter Revolution companion booklet of lyrics, quotes and Easter challenges see, the “books” tab

This is a project of the Garth Hewitt Foundation in partnership with GingerDog Records.

Cover painting by Malak Mattar from Gaza, used with grateful thanks.

Her painting “When peace dies, embrace it. It will live again”  is the front cover of the CD and Booklet.


Produced by Kevin Duncan

Vocals, guitars and harmonica Garth Hewitt

Keyboards, hammond, bass Kevin Duncan

Accordion Paul McDowell

Fiddle Chris Rogers

Electric guitar Dave Perry

Backing vocals Abbie Goldberg, Claire Tabraham 

Design Abbie Goldberg

Admin and coordination Isobel Webster


With thanks once again to Kevin Duncan for producing and playing on this latest album and thanks to all at Ginger Dog Records and Kevin Mayhew Publishing.

Big thanks for all musicians who played and sang on this – and for the skills and fun that you brought.

The song “Forgiveness for Humanity” contains climate justice lyrics written by our son Ben – thank you.

And to Joe, another son! – for help with lyrics on “Easter prayer” and for the little story on “Oscar Romero”- thank you.

Thanks to my PA Isobel for organising this latest project on behalf of the Garth Hewitt Foundation, also for putting together the pictures and copy for the “Easter Revolution” Booklet. This Booklet will be available soon after the release of “Easter Revolution”CD – it gives more information of the thinking that influenced the song lyrics.

Thanks to Abbie Goldberg for layout and design.

And to my  ‘True companion’ Gill – Always thankful for all your ongoing support and love.


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