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Journeys 1 – The Holy Land

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Available to buy as CD or MP3 download at GingerDog Records here


Original track list:


  1. Ten Measures of Beauty (Pray for the Peace)
  2. I Didn’t Speak Up
  3. Stronger Than the Storm
  4. Better Read the Writing on the Wall
  5. Where is the Land of Palestine
  6. O Palestine
  7. Blood Brothers (When Will the Children of Abraham)
  8. Song for Miriam
  9. Chain of Love
  10. Deep Silence

Now with newly remastered added tracks:

  1. They’ve Cancelled Christmas in Bethlehem (The Wall Must Fall)
  2. The Broken Heart of Gaza
  3. Hidden From View

The ever popular ‘Journeys Holy Land’ is a compilation album bringing together songs inspired by Garth’s travels to the Holy Land.


‘May the justice of God fall down like fire

And bring a home for the Palestinian

May the mercy of God pour down like rain

And protect the Jewish people

And may the beautiful eyes of a holy God

Who weeps for all his children

Bring the healing hope for his wounded ones

For the Jew and the Palestinian

So pray for the peace, pray for the peace

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’.


“Tell the whole world that no other songs have told our story: the story of pain; the story of hope as those sung by my friend and brother Garth. So inspiring, so informative, so balanced, so truthful.” Bishop Riah Abu el Assal.


The new remastered album is now available for download on the GingerDog website here

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