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Stealing Jesus Back


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  1. Eternal Echoes
  2. Stealing Jesus Back
  3. Way of Peace
  4. Too Many Crows
  5. Apocalypse Jackson
  6. Death of Trees
  7. Traditional Palestinian Lament
  8. Humans Too
  9. Umthombo Tree
  10. Raise the Flag
  11. Towards a Promised Land
  12. In the Quiet

The album has a stripped back, country feel and features a guest slot by Palestinian singer Reem Kelani. The album was produced by Paul Wilkinson of the Amazing Pilots, who also produced Duke Special’s album Songs from the Deep Forest.


Reviewed by Ewan Jones for Cross Rhythms:


The title track of Garth’s latest album is a clever rally cry for Jesus’ followers to “steal back” Jesus and show him to the world through acts of peace and love, creative expression, humility and care for the oppressed and the weak. Clever stuff.  Elsewhere on the album we’ve got “Eternal Echoes”, an opener which sets the theme – “We are what we do with our silence… Eternal echoes are leading me with the silent voice of love.” It is a journey which resonates with God’s story – trees, deliverance, justice, mercy, peace and a journey towards the promised land (with a neat little personal touch). Hewitt writes clever and often moving lyrics that shift skilfully between sharp indictments, then humour, the desperate cries of the weak to a message of hope. The arrangements here veer from traditional hoe-down country/folk music to beautiful Eastern instrumentation. With echoes of Cash and Dylan this album is definitely worth a listen…


At the time of its release, Essential said of this album, “Stealing Jesus Back brings you Garth’s most significant offering to date and is destined to be the album to prove that the best is worth waiting for!”


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