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Liberty is Near!



Download it here – Liberty is Near!


Track list:


  1. Hail Glorious Morn
  2. Assembled ‘neath Thy Broad Blue Sky
  3. Daily Bread
  4. Sons of Poverty
  5. For Everything a Time
  6. Men of England
  7. Lo in Thy Name
  8. Hark I Hear
  9. How Long
  10. God of the Poor
  11. Great God
  12. Source of Good


The recently rediscovered National Chartist Hymnbook has powerful and poetic lyrics with a spirituality committed to social justice.
Garth takes these passionate hymns and puts tunes to them (the hymn book only had lyrics) to bring alive these fascinating songs that, though written about the events of 1845, seem to have a remarkable relevance to our own society.
They are rousing and thoughtful songs which echo with words such as Raise! Raise the cry! Let all respond; ‘Justice, and pure and equal laws.’ Garth’s hope is that this revival of hymns from the Chartist Movement will bring alive these poetic and challenging hymns for a new generation.


This album is a project of The Garth Hewitt Foundation in partnership with Kevin Mayhew.


“I just can’t stop listening to the Chartist hymns! I love this album! What an interesting story about finding those lyrics…..and I’m just amazed at how relevant the lyrics are today. Really, I’m hooked on this album and find myself singing along as I drive the long way between my home and my job. I love the violin popping in on these songs. Just beautiful.”



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