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Under the Influence


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Available as CD or download from GingerDog Records here


Produced and arranged by Tom “Razor” Blades in 1981 on the Marshall label
with Bryan Haworth on slide guitar,
Steve Bruce, drums
Rob Burns, bass
Cliff Hall, piano
Bob Haddrell, hammond and Fender Rhodes
Tom Blades, guitar
Ron Asprey, saxophone
Jan Pulsford, piano, backing vocals
Pete Willsher, pedal steel guitar
Luis Jardim, percussion
Vicki Brown, backing vocals
Network 3 (Paul Field, Mo McCafferty, Annie McCaig), backing vocals
Laura Warman, backing vocals
Garth Hewitt, acoustic guitar

All songs and music by Garth Hewitt


Track list:


  1. Under the Influence
  2. Love Can Overcome
  3. It’s Good To Have a Fat Friend (When Times are Wearing Thin)
  4. Record of the Weak
  5. The Champion
  6. I’m Not
  7. Somebody Calls Your Name
  8. A Future and a Hope
  9. When the Joking Has to Stop
  10. A Change in Me
  11. Take it by Storm
  12. The One for All



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