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The Light of Bethlehem

Bethlehem, you gave the world so much –

A humble Prince of Peace,

Angels who sang of hope,

You gave us a manger,

A shepherds’ field,

And all the joy of Christmas.


Yet now you lie imprisoned,

Behind walls that separate you from us.

Behind huge walls that deny your value, your humanity and your future.

And the lights will go out all over the world if we forget the way of Bethlehem and the way of the Prince of Peace.

We have forgotten to love our neighbour as ourselves –

To do unto others as we would have them do to us.  We have forgotten to show mercy and do justice.

This year may we determine to bring the light back to Bethlehem:

By giving, by loving, by not forgetting and by going.


On the hills of Bethlehem the great prophet Amos cried, “Let justice roll down.”

Jesus of Bethlehem, light of the world,

May we work to bring justice and light back to Bethlehem this year.



© Garth Hewitt

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