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It is a revolution of peacemaking, of following Jesus the peacemaker. It is a revolution that rejects violence as a solution, rejects greed, and embraces justice for all, sharing with all and welcoming the forgotten. It is a rejection of past ways of mistreating people and is a call for equality.  It also recognises the responsibility for the care of the planet.  It is a revolution of hope.

Garth Hewitt


The Album – 15 songs calling us to be members of the Easter Revolution – click here for more details and to order your CD 

or here for your MP3 download


The Book Here Garth has woven together art, wisdom and challenge from a selection of poets, painters, writers and prophets.Thirty-two colour pages include all the lyrics from the Easter Revolution album, some further thoughts of Garth on the subject of Easter, and much more – click here to find out who else’s thoughts Garth has included,  and to order your copy






Garth Hewitt writes redemption songs

and then sings them without fear.

His voice comes through clearly,

challenging us by his witness to act for justice. His is a brave voice,

needed more than ever in a fearful world, and in a sometimes timid church.

Please God, it will help us

sing redemption songs of our own.


The Revd Lucy Winkett

Rector, St James’s Piccadilly

previous Chair of Trustees of Amos Trust
















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