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Garth’s new album – and a 12″ single!

My Name Is Palestine


Garth says, “I was in Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem where there is a gallery for Palestinian artists, and saw a painting by the superb Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour. I found the painting so powerful, I said that I would like to put together a song sparked off by this painting – I thought it could be a 12” vinyl single with the painting on the front cover.

I told my good friend Wisam Salsaa, Manager of the Walled Off Hotel, and he phoned Suleiman for his permission, which was kindly given. I then wrote to various Palestinian friends showing them the painting, and asked them for their thoughts. Those thoughts I have reflected in the lyrics. It all came together as this song, My Name is Palestine.


To accompany the single, and for those without a record player (!)  Garth has released a CD with My Name Is Palestine as the title track, along with ten further songs emphasising the dignity and value of each human being, with a strong rejection of the arms trade and war.


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Garth Hewitt writes redemption songs

and then sings them without fear.

His voice comes through clearly,

challenging us by his witness to act for justice. His is a brave voice,

needed more than ever in a fearful world, and in a sometimes timid church.

Please God, it will help us

sing redemption songs of our own.


The Revd Lucy Winkett

Rector, St James’s Piccadilly

previous Chair of Trustees of Amos Trust
















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