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I’m Grateful


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Produced in 1978 by Jon Miller, Rod Edwards, Roger Hand
lyrics and music by Garth Hewitt, also acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead vocals
with BJ Cole on steel guitar,
Bryn Haworth on slide guitar and mandolin,
Lawrence Juber, Acoustic Guitar
Bob Weston, Acoustic Guitar, Resonator Guitar [Dobro], Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar [Electric]
Roger Hand, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
John G Perry, Bass
Tony Neeves, Design, Photography
Mike Giles, Drums
Micky Keen, Electric Guitar
Roger T Wake, Engineer
Rod Edwards, Keyboards, Vocals
and Annice McCaig, Cliff Richard, Jessy Dixon Singers, Mo McCafferty and Shirlie Roden on Vocals

Recorded at Redan Recorders, 23 Redan Place, Queensway, London W.2. in August 1978.


Track list:


  1. A Friend of Mine
  2. Goodbye to all the Heroes
  3. Tropical Night
  4. How Hard
  5. Don’t Look for the Living
  6. That’s Why We’re Here
  7. Memories
  8. The Holy One
  9. I’m Grateful
  10. All the Time
  11. May You Live to Dance (On Your Own Grave)

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