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Christmas Eve in the Tower

What a beautiful yet ambivalent evening in St Peter ad Vincula –

A lovely chapel in the heart of the Tower of London – lit only by candlelight

A wonderful choir sings the carols that have been sung through the years

The service, in the language of 1662,

Must have been said here most Christmas Eves since then.

Here we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace Read more…


in the quiet


In the quiet I come to you

I find strength to start anew

Breathing out and breathing in

In the quiet I come to you


I find stillness in the storm

Despite the struggles all around

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eternal echoes

Eternal echoes are calling me somewhere on the wind

They’re hard to hear – sometimes I fear I won’t hear them again

But they return and seem to say you’ve somewhere you belong

Eternal echoes are leading me with the silent voice of love

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All Hallows on the Wall farewell Eucharist liturgy

In this moment, we bring ourselves, and our day,

We gather our random thoughts, our scattered lives.

We bring the entirety of ourselves to this place of calm, this place of safety.

We seek sanctuary so that we can risk everything.

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