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My Name Is Palestine

Against the Grain

Songs From the Fifth Gospel

I’m Grateful

Alien Brain



Chain of Love

Feast of Life

Mud On My Eyes

Songs of Justice and Peace Vol 2

Walk the Talk


Sermon, 19 March 2017, St Paul’s Cambridge

St Paul’s, Cambridge – 19th March 2017


Reading – Luke 4:14-30


Thanks for inviting me – St. Paul’s has been a great support to Amos and it’s good to look back with thanks over 30 years since the founding of Amos.

It makes me think, what is Amos’ manifesto – what is our foundation?  Amos started in a practical way to enable me to visit places like Poland in the communist years; Mathari Valley, Kenya; Uganda – and I would come back and tell the stories to churches, colleges, anywhere that asked.

After a time of developing friendships the Amos Trustees decided to make an ongoing link with some of the places and to work with them as partners – supporting small projects. Those relationships proved to be very important and have helped to guide the development of Amos over the last 30 years.


But what has been the Amos manifesto and the guiding principles – there are certain passages of the Bible we particularly turn to.

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Every Grain of Sand

by Bob Dylan


In the time of my confession, in the hour of my deepest need
When the pool of tears beneath my feet flood every newborn seed
There’s a dying voice within me reaching out somewhere
Toiling in the danger and in the morals of despair. Read more…


Freedom Flotilla, 2018 – the account of Dr Swee Chai Ang

Events from 29 July when the Israeli Navy stormed the Freedom Flotilla al-Awda hijacked and diverted it from its intended course to Gaza to Israel.

By Dr Swee Ang, medical doctor on board the al-Awda, 4 August 2018

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Amos Trust at 30 years

It’s been a thirty year pilgrimage with Amos Trust, initially enabling me to visit situations around the world where I was invited, and then go back writing songs and telling stories – and that continues.


But it has been a pilgrimage of evolution for Amos – the next significant step was saying we will support partners around the world, and we found this meant that we learned even more from those partners. Read more…