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Easter Prayer

O God we have been on a journey through Lent

And now we are walking with you through Holy Week —

May we pause and pray and meet with you.

Your teaching has been about the kingdom or community of God,

A way of life and a community that goes up against the empires of domination —

As relevant now as it ever has been.

The empires of greed favouring the rich and powerful,

Instead of your way reflecting justice for all.

As you head to Jerusalem you are witness to this on Palm Sunday

As you ride in with non-violence,

From one side of Jerusalem gentle and riding on a donkey —

From the other side the army of empire, injustice, greed and oppression.

As you turn the tables of oppression, so the empire wants you killed

The powers who rule, crucify you: the sin of the world kills you.

But on Easter Sunday God affirms you and all you have done —

There is the rising again —

God’s community of love continues forever.

May we be in the community of love —

The community that is never silent

And so a community of the Gospel bringing justice and hope to all.