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Love is the Way

Deep in the heart of the infinite darkness

A tiny blue marble is spinnin’ thru space

Born in the splendour of God’s holy vision

And sliding away like a tear down his face


Closer you see the whole wide holy wonder

Of oceans and mountains and rivers and trees

And the strangest creation of many, the human

A creature of laughter and freedom and dreams


Now the warriors are wavin’ their old rusty sabres

Preachers are preachin’ a gospel of hate

By their behavior determined to teach us

A lesson we’re soon to be learnin’ too late


Look closer my brother, we’re killin’ each other

We better stop and get started today

Because life is the question and life is the answer

And God is the reason and love is the way


Words and music Kris Kristofferson

Resaca Music Publishing