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Making Holy Dreams Come True

Making Holy dreams come true
What have they done to the little town of Bethlehem?
Some thoughts on Bethlehem for Christmas Eve


Making Holy Dreams Come True (A Christmas prayer for Bethlehem)

What have they done to the “Little Town”?

Imprisoned it in a concrete wall

Bethlehem – once a holy city

Trapped inside a ghetto wall.

Here where angels sang of peace

Where love and hope were born anew

Once surrounded by a heavenly host

Now surrounded by a concrete view.



Yet people crushed and hidden away

Still celebrate on Christmas Eve

Lighting candles for the child –

They still remember – still believe.

So light a candle this Holy Night

For Bethlehem and Beit Sahour

And for all the people caught inside

That cold and grey prison wall

Longing for a world of peace

Where all are treated equally

Where all can recognise their worth

Where all can live with dignity –

Where all can join hands with neighbours

Whether Muslim, Christian, Jew

And find a way to live together

Making holy dreams come true.


Garth Hewitt from his book ‘Making Holy Dreams Come True’ (SPCK) with thanks to Chris Rogers for his violin accompaniment from the album ‘Peace at Christmas’ available here