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Prayer for Good Friday

The healer brought pain

The one with the easy yoke brought turmoil

Just as Mary’s soul was pierced

With the death of her son

So our hearts are pierced

By the death of so many

And God’s heart is pierced

By the oppressed and forgotten

And Mary feels the pain of her dying son

And God feels the pain of the dying children

A sword of betrayal pierces the Holy Land

A sword of prejudice rejects people –

People, Lord, that you call holy –

Because all are holy in your eyes –

And our hearts are pierced as our friends suffer

As our friends are betrayed at the hands of the powerful

At the hands of the dominant and rich

And our hearts are pierced by the sword of injustice

Like the spear that pierced the side of Jesus

We cry out in pain for our wounded friends

Our prayers are not heard – the Church remains silent

The western world supports the wielding of the sword

The vulnerable are struck down

Why – why is there no healing?

A sword pierces my heart . . .

I am wounded deep.






© Garth Hewitt

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