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Against the Grain – double album


An eclectic choice of songs from down the years,

with some brand new tracks and a surprise or two…

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This double album is a companion to Garth’s book Against the Grain, and contains some new songs like Against the Grain itself, songs from different stages of Garth’s recordings, and some demos not previously released.


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Against The Grain – 2018

Raise The Flag – 2006

Do Unto Others – new recording 2018

Rivers, Mountains and Trees – 1999

Lifeline of Hope – 2018

Immigrant Eyes – 2018

Stealing Jesus Back – 2006

The Hungry Wind – 1982

We Don’t Do Body Counts – demo 1994

Not In My Name – 2003

Rainbow Over Kampala – 1983

Love Song For The Earth – 1976

Eternal Echoes – 2006

Physical Pain – 1979

I Will Return – with Chris Barber jazz and blues band – 1974


Alien Brain – 1985

Oscar Romero – 1985

Come Home Mar Gregorios – 2018

Poets of Nicaragua – 2010

Cast Your Net Again – 2003

Did He Jump…Or Was He Pushed – 1979

The Writing On the Wall – 1992

Hail Glorious Morn – 2013

Number One – 1974

Love Bade Me Welcome – 1992

Bread Of Life – 1993

Goodbye To All The Heroes – 1978

Red Hot and Cooking – 1982

How The Dice Falls – demo 1981

Golden Studded Jukebox – demo 1980

May You Live To Dance… On Your Own Grave – 1978


This double album represents more than 40 albums released by Garth Hewitt over 45 years – with eight never-before-released tracks and two previously appearing only as vinyl singles, you’ll experience Garth’s variety of styles and subjects ranging from worship songs on justice (from the album Justice Like a River) to 1840s Chartist hymns Garth put to music on his recent album Liberty is Near! There have also been two children’s albums and one in Spanish!  Garth has been joined on his records by a wide variety of artists: Bryn Haworth, B J Cole, Beth Rowley, Jessy Dixon, Sir Cliff Richard, Martyn Joseph, Randy Stonehill, Ben Okafor, Reem Kelani, Penny Cave, Mark Heard, Paul Field, Paul Pilot, Duke Special, Denise Ogbeide and many more including his own daughter Abi and daughter in law Eils Hewitt – you’ll hear many of these on this album.


This album is a companion to Garth’s autobiography/Memoir also called Against the Grain. In the book Garth tells what motivated his ministry of music and justice. He shares his influences – his early years – tells the story of his involvement with the Greenbelt festival from its earliest days. He talks about his sense of vocation both as a priest and in terms of his commitment to issues of justice. Garth tells of the creation and work of the Amos Trust that he founded and also how and why he got involved in the struggle for justice for Palestine.


As we could not make all the lyrics available in the CD packaging, we are providing them as a downloadable pdf – click here




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