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Bethlehem, Palestine

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Eight songs about the little town of Bethlehem and the strangling and suffering caused by the separation wall.

The CD includes the song “They’ve cancelled Christmas in Bethlehem (The wall must fall)”, which has been a bit of a phenomenon on YouTube – see it here

The album was produced by Paul Wilkinson, Paul Field and Bob Lamb and features an appearance by London-based Palestinian singer Reem Kelani.


Review from Wesley Owen: “An extended EP of songs for and about Bethlehem, in Garth Hewitt’s acoustic-roots style. Garth Hewitt writes poignant songs that express the plight of a people in a very difficult situation.  Garth Hewitt has spent a great deal of his life travelling to some of the world’s most desperate places and political hotspots to create songs that tell the stories of those who otherwise are voiceless.  Following the huge interest in Garth’s song, They’ve Cancelled Christmas In Bethlehem (The Wall Must Fall) last year, this EP is a prayer for the people of Bethlehem who are suffering a devastating impact from the separation wall that now surrounds them. In these days when Christian musicians and song writers are rediscovering a social conscience, Garth Hewitt is a master craftsman!”


Track List:

Hidden From View

They’ve Cancelled Christmas in Bethlehem (The Wall Must Fall)

Shine On (Star of Bethlehem)

Humans Too

Candle of Hope

The Death of Trees

One of Us

O Palestine

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