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Garth Hewitt – Live in Sheffield


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Live in Sheffield – Garth’s Sheffield concert on DVD

(in PAL format)

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An evening of enjoyment, prayers, stories of struggle and hope in a time of uncertainty.  Garth brings an ancient message – first heard on a hillside, in a garden, in a marketplace, sometimes even a place of worship. This is not a studio performance – we join Garth as he sings and tells his stories in a local church, and experience the intimacy and friendliness for which his concerts are known as he interacts with his audience, who respond with singing and laughter.  

You will feel as though you had been there.



Filmed during Garth’s concert at St Mark’s Church, Broomfield Road, Sheffield, on Friday 12th May 2018


Featuring the songs:

Something for the Soul

Rivers, Mountains and Trees

Yo Creo en Nicaragua

Mar Gregorios

Humans Too

The Devil’s Moment


Little Boy Down

Immigrant Eyes

Moonlight on Galilee

Broken Heart of Gaza

Ten Measures of Beauty

Against the Grain

Tell ’em About the Dream Martin

No Injustice Will Last Forever

Within Listening Distance (credits)


Garth says, “This was a warm and friendly evening, and interestingly I knew many people in the audience from different stages of my ministry.  As I look at the film I spot someone who was in our youth club at St Luke’s Maidstone when I was Curate there – I spot people who have promoted concerts for me through the years, people who have been on Amos journeys with us to the Holy Land, Nicaragua, even South Africa.  I spot someone who has sung songs of mine in all sorts of different places, which I always feel is a great compliment. There’s a thirteen year old lad who comes regularly to my concerts when I’m in the area – so there’s a good mixture of supporters, encouragers, and friends.”


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