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Journeys 4 – Latin America

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Available for Download or as CD at GingerDog Records here


Track list:


  1. Oscar Romero
  2. O Nicaragua
  3. Un Nino Es El Futuro (A Child is the Future)
  4. Indifferent to the Pain
  5. How Hard
  6. Companera de Vida
  7. Little Outlaws, Dirty Angels
  8. Ojos Silenciosos
  9. Father Miguel
  10. Rise Like the Sun
  11. Tropical Night
  12. I Saw Three Ships
  13. Light a Candle in the Darkness
  14. Beautiful Corn Island
  15. Mud on my Eyes
  16. Jesus de las Heridas


This compilation album brings together songs inspired by Garth’s travels to Latin America.

The re-released version contains ‘The Hidden River’, ‘Community of Love’ (on Honduras), ‘Let the World be Changed’ (the Trade Justice song), and the ‘Yo Creo en Nicaragua’ (I Believe in Nicaragua), which was inspired by Garth’s 2004 visit.

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