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Journeys – Africa – Wings of Love over Africa

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 Track list:


  1. Wings of love over Africa
  2. Umthombo Tree
  3. Full moon over Mozambique
  4. Isaiah 58
  5. A future and a hope
  6. Freedom tree (Original)
  7. Dawn down in Durban
  8. Zachariah the Zulu
  9. Rainbow over Kampala
  10. Chain of love (Original)
  11. Our silent eyes
  12. Thunder like a lion
  13. The sky that wouldn’t weep
  14. That’s why we’re here
  15. A child is the future (Original)
  16. Namirembe
  17. Light a candle in the darkness (Original)


This album brings together songs by Garth about South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Kenya.


It includes songs such as “Dawn Down in Durban” which was written at Umhlanga Rocks in Durban and features backing vocals from Sir Cliff Richard and “Umthombo Tree” about the Umthombo Street Child project in Durban.

This is an album of hope: many of the songs were written about situations which were of tremendous suffering and yet a flicker of hope was seen in each of the different situations, and many of the societies have now changed for the better.


Above all, this album demonstrates Garth’s great love and affection for the continent of Africa.

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