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Justice Like a River

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You can hear samples of the songs here
or download it here Kevin Mayhew Publisher


There is also a Justice Like a River songbook


Track list: 


  1. All the time
  2. He broke the rules
  3. That’s why we’re here
  4. Justice like a river
  5. One of us
  6. The living God
  7. Let justice roll (the people of the west)
  8. We hear your cry Lord
  9. Be the hands of Jesus
  10. Dance on injustice
  11. Pray for you sister
  12. Broken image (beauty in the ashes)
  13. Jesus of the scars
  14. Let the world be changed


Justice like a river is an album of songs for worship on the theme of justice.  It is a compilation album with songs from different stages of Garth’s career including some new and some rerecorded. Garth is keen to see churches picking up issues of justice and action inspired by the lifestyle of Jesus.  Garth commented, “This album could have a subtitle ‘Occupy Worship’. The Occupy movements have reminded us all of the need for fairer communities, where the division between rich and poor is not so great. The way of Jesus is a commitment to loving our neighbours and doing unto others as we would have them do to us and this should be part of the worship in our churches to inspire us to live this way.”

Stuart Townend – “Garth Hewitt was the first Christian artist I ever saw live. In those days he was pretty much a lone voice singing about God’s heart for justice. But he didn’t just sing about it – he went off and did something about it. Today words like ‘justice’ and ‘compassion’ feature a little more often in our worship songs, but Garth still leads by example in putting the rhetoric into action.
Here is a collection of straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is songs that effortlessly get to the heart of the gospel, and could have a profound effect on each one of us if we let them.”



Crossrhythm’s Paul McKay has published the following review:


The latest album from the veteran singer/songwriter and social activist has been dubbed “protest worship” and the song “He Broke The Rules” directs our gaze to the revolutionary nature of God’s raw love, flouting the rules and changing the people he met. “That’s Why We’re Here” has a Paul Simon feel to it thanks to its ‘Graceland’-style rhythms and is a joyful reminder that we’re here to carry each other’s burdens. The protest angle returns with the stripped back sound of the title track as Garth shares his heart to unite under God with the aim for his power to release justice to all who need it. The songsmith’s passion to see God’s love expressed in tough places rings loud and clear in “One Of Us” while “Let Justice Roll” sounds like a sequel to Norman’s “Readers Digest” as he targets the West for its attitude to the weak and helpless. Garth brings a gentle country feel as he asks us to “be the hands of Jesus” before leading a rallying cry to God in “Dance On Injustice” (written before Delirious? ever cut their teeth). “Pray For Your Sister” is another challenge to the listener to start doing something to show our commitment to God’s view of love by praying and standing with our sisters and brothers in trouble. A second reminder to Mr Norman appears with the haunting piano of “Jesus Of The Scars” as Garth paints a picture of grace only seen in the suffering of Christ. The closing track has almost a Band Aid approach (minus the endless streams of celebrities) as Hewitt hopes for the Kingdom to gather the broken of the world.

Reviewed by Paul McKay

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