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Lonesome Troubadour

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Produced by Mark Heard in 1991
lyrics and music, Garth Hewitt, also acoustic guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals
Glen Holmen, bass
Doug Matthews, drums
Mark Heard, electric guitar, dulcimer, accordion, mandolin, hammond, autoharp, backing vocals
Byron Berline, fiddle
David Baker, percussion
Pam Dwinell, backing vocals
Randy Stonehill, backing vocals


review by James Attlee in Cross Rhythms:
I actually found this album, by one of British CCM’s founding fathers, refreshing in many ways. You won’t find any navel-gazing laments about this songwriter’s spiritual struggle here; rather the songs focus on the plight of those around the world not usually the subject of love songs – the dispos­sessed, the rubbish-tip scavengers, the street children of Brazil, the Palestinians denied human rights. Recording the album in America with multi-talented Mark Heard in the producer’s seat was a good move. He also contributes guitar, dulcimer-guitar, accordion, mandolin and autoharp which together with Byron Berline’s fiddle and Hewitt’s Dylanesque vocals and harmonica interjec­tions give the whole thing a feel of Desire-era Zimmerman, which can’t be bad. Lyrically, the album is a consistent plea for justice and for Christians to take to heart the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40. In this age of health and wealth teaching and charismatic empire-building, when so many in the church seem to think that “politics” is a dirty word, the re­minder is much needed. If sometimes he misses the mark in his attempt to express so much suffering and need in the restrictive confines of a song-structure I’m glad at least here’s someone out there trying.


Track list:


  1. Lonesome Troubadour
  2. Little Outlaws, Dirty Angels
  3. Trainling Clouds of Glory
  4. Not a Love Story
  5. Full Moon Over Mozambique
  6. Deep Silence
  7. Dance on Injustice
  8. A Song for Miriam
  9. Ten Measures of Beauty (Ten Measures of Sorrow)
  10. Shadows in the Mist
  11. Dancing the Polka in Tiananmen Square
  12. Broken Image



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