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Track list:


  1. There is an Ancient Peace
  2. Moonlight on Galilee
  3. God With Sleeves Rolled Up
  4. Poets of Nicaragua
  5. God’s Revolution of Love
  6. Late Summer Love
  7. Hymns of Liberation
  8. Twilight
  9. Do Unto Others
  10. Lay It Down


Moonrise is a joyful yet peaceful collection of songs. It is a burst of happiness that shows Garth at his best – relaxed, poetic, humorous and prayerful. It is an insight into the spirituality that drives Garth – reflecting the inspiration of silence, his love of the beauty of nature and of prayer, and his constant commitment to the ways of justice and peace.


The words of Thomas Merton on silence appear on the back cover, “May we…not neglect the silence that is printed in the centre of our being. It will not fail us. It is more than silence.”


Produced by Paul Pilot in his studio in Wapping, Moonrise is an album that moves from the exuberant happiness of “Late Summer Love” to the gentle prayer of “Twilight”. It reflects visits by Garth to three parts of the world – Nicaragua, Mozambique and the Holy Land.



Artist Daniel Bonnell reviewed the album:


Garth Hewitt is a man who is driven. His music
is driven by a faith that plays itself out through
the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is
driven by 30 years of standing up for the rights
of others and being a voice for the down trodden
and the poor.

Unlike so much ear candy that you hear coming
from Christian artists these days Garth Hewitt’s
music is for a seasoned, more mature listener.
His sound is a cross between the sounds of
Johnny Cash and the drama lyrics of Bob Dylan.

Hewitt’s latest album is called Moonrise. It is
more of a laid back romantic album that does
not hold the usual drama of human rights being
revealed through poetic expression. Fans of his
classic story telling will not be disappointed though.
His song Poets of Nicaragua is worth the price
of the album alone. We see a more mellowed
Garth Hewitt in songs like Moonlight on Galilee,
Late Summer Love and Twilight.

As time passes with any artist the very best of
their unique voice of expression emerges to the
top of their art. A form of musical alchemy or gold
is formed over time.

In the album Moonrise you’ll find a gold mine.

Daniel Bonnell
Moonrise is also available for download worldwide via iTunes, just go to the iTunes store and search for “Garth Hewitt”

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