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Road to Freedom

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Available as CD or download from GingerDog Records here


Produced by Tom “Razor” Blades, 1983

lyrics and music Garth Hewitt, also acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead vocals
Tom Blades, guitar
Bryn Haworth, guitar, mandolin, resonator guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
Luis Jardim, bass
Paul Robinson, drums
Mike Parker, organ, piano, steel drums, synthesizer
Pete Wilsher, pedal steel guitar
Luis Jardim, percussion, bass
Jan Pulsford, synthesizer, backing vocals


Track list:


  1. Road to Freedom
  2. Freedom Fighter
  3. Water, Water
  4. Nero’s Watching Video
  5. No One Is An Island
  6. Namirembe
  7. Rainbow Over Kampala
  8. So Much Better
  9. Zachariah the Zulu
  10. Living Under the Mercy


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