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Stronger Than The Storm

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On the cover of ‘Stronger than the Storm’, Garth quotes a poem by Roberto Soza:

And so
I have decided to construct
With all my songs
An endless bridge to dignity
So that one by one
The humiliated of the earth may pass

Garth’s songs on the album pick up this theme. Songs like ‘Nicaragua’, ‘Beautiful Corn Island’, and ‘Father Miguel’ are about Nicaragua; ‘I Saw Three Ships’ is about the wider context of the colonization of Latin America five hundred years ago and then bringing it up to date; ‘So This is War’ reflects the conflict in the Balkans, while ‘Stronger Than the Storm’ is about a visit to Dhaka in Bangladesh, and ‘O Palestine’ a song of hope for the future of Palestine. ‘Indifferent to the Pain’ is also about South America. There’s a beautiful Christmas Song called ‘Don’t Blame God for Christmas’ and a love song, ‘Companera da Vida’. The album begins with ‘I Shall Fall’, a poignant hymn about the approach of death.

The album is produced by Bob Lamb at his studios in Kings Heath, Birmingham, in June 1994. The musicians include Bryn Haworth on guitar, Denise Ogbeide on backing vocals, and Johnny Caswell on electric guitar and backing vocals.


Track List:


I Shall Fall


I Saw Three Ships

Beautiful Corn Island

So This Is War

Stronger Than The Storm

Don’t Blame God For Christmas

Indifferent to the Pain

You Are Loved (Stephen Lawrence)

Father Miguel

Compañera de Vida

Oh Palestine

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