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The Road Home

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Produced by Paul Field, 2003, Amos Music
lyrics and music by Garth Hewitt


A rich and haunting collection of songs inspired by gospel paintings by Daniel Bonnell in which ‘there is hope, but there are also shadows – there is the reality of the pain of life, and the powerful humanity of Jesus as a reminder of the one who walks beside us.’


Track list:


  1. The Road Home
  2. Cast Your Net Again
  3. He Broke the Rules
  4. The Devil’s Moment
  5. In the Storms of Life
  6. For the Journey
  7. The Shadow in the Middle
  8. One the Other Side
  9. She Gave All She Had
  10. The Warmth of Love


A unique collaboration between American artist Daniel Bonnell and Amos Trust’s Director, Garth Hewitt. Daniel’s ten original pictures based on gospel scenes are beautifully reproduced, with the songs and prayers written by Garth in response alongside them.

The book includes a CD of all the songs, and can be used for private meditation or in a church setting.

“…a beautiful blend of art and music … ideal for creative meditation.”
New Christian Music

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