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Wide Open Arms – Meditational/Devotional


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Wide Open Arms – with songs of Garth Hewitt


A contemplative worship DVD for use in church, home group, or personal devotional times

(In PAL format)

8 songs to encourage prayer, thought and dialogue

with discussion questions for each song


I have found Garth Hewitt’s video clips really helpful for enabling a meditational, thoughtful atmosphere in church services and small group meetings. Please produce more! Being marginally confused (from You’ll Lead Me Home) hits the button for me and many!

Revd. Canon Dr Mike Parsons, Gloucester Diocese




Bethlehem is Calling
God With Sleeves Rolled Up
In the Quiet
The Welcome (House of God)
Wide Open Arms
You’ll Lead Me Home
Beauty in the Ashes (Broken Image)
One of Us

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