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Let Nothing Disturb You


Garth tells the background to the song:

“‘Let Nothing Disturb You’ was inspired by some words of Teresa of Avila, also known as St Teresa of Jesus (1515 – 1582). She was a Prioress and Carmelite nun, a central figure in a movement of spiritual and monastic renewal.

And she wrote these words as a poem, translated here:

All things are passing

God alone never changes

Patience gains all things

If you have God

You will want for nothing

God alone suffices


These words were taken by musicians at Taizé and turned into a short four line song – suitable for times of worship, and the song is repeated again and again. Taizé music is beautiful and very suitable for Lent. I heard the Taizé song from friend and guitarist Dave Perry who played it to a group of us one evening – Dave was the guitarist on my new album My Name Is Palestine, which includes this song.

I liked this chorus, and thought that for a song on an album it needed a bit more progression so I wrote three other verses and then a chorus section. The words are picking up on the original theme of Teresa and also Taizé, where again the song is normally sung in Spanish so I end the song with the Spanish words “Nada te turbé”. Read more…


To the God whose name is Mercy

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A song for today


From the album My Name Is Palestine

Chorus Inspired by words of Pope Francis

Verses influenced by words of US Trappist Monk Thomas Merton


To The God Whose Name Is Mercy


To the God whose name is mercy

To the God whose name is mercy

To the generous God of mercy

We take our stand with you


So tell the earth to shake with marching feet

Of messengers of peace –

Proclaim my way of love

To every nation and every race –

Show mercy and show love




Let old ways be over – no more hate

There shall be no more war

My people shall be one

To every nation and every race –

Show mercy and show love




We take our stand with you

Reach out our hand to you


Words & music by Garth Hewitt ℗ & © 2020 GingerDog Records GingerDog Records Limited


A song for Palm Sunday

As he introduces this song performed at a concert on Palm Sunday 2018, Garth explains how an ancient Palm Sunday event inspired the song





Prayer for Lent

Generous God of mercy
In this season of penitence
We ask for forgiveness for our country’s espousal
Of a hostile environment to refugees and asylum seekers

We also ask forgiveness for our commitment to the arms trade
With all the devastation that causes
Not least in causing more refugees
Trying to escape from brutal and unnecessary wars

May our churches be communities
That treat people with equality and dignity
Caring for all and showing love in action

May our vision be renewed this Lent
To see the great hope of the wounded God
Who walks beside us
And encourages us to become communities
That are wholistic and just
And become strong witnesses in our communities
That make a difference


Prayer – Community of Love… in difficult times

Generous God
We thank you for the model of
the community of love which you showed us
We thank you for the witness of churches in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Of Pequeno Nazareno working with street children in Fortaleza Brazil
We thank you for the artists and broadcasters that reflect the truth in difficult times
We thank you for all those who make visible
the loving spirit of your gospel.
We pray that we will find that strength,
that we will link arms together,
to be a community of hope
These are hard times, even puzzling times,
so we need to be reminded day by day
to make a difference –
to reject the ways of violence
We thank you for those who have been examples to us
We thank you for those who picked up the torch and led the way
May we do the same
And may our churches bring hope that resonates for all,
May they be courageous, prophetic, loving and just.




Little Outlaws, Dirty Angels