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A song for International Women’s Day

A song for international women’s day – this song is about a true story of a Dalit woman in India and reminds us to pray and campaign for the Dalits in India, particularly in these difficult times for the Dalit community





They chose her to raise the flag

On National Independence Day

They chose her to raise the flag

But it nearly cost her life.

After 50 years of independence

She should have raised it high

But instead he knocked her down and laid her low


He beat her up and told her that she was not worthy

He beat her up and told her because she is a Dalit

He knocked her down to teach her a lesson she won’t forget

She is not worthy to raise the National flag.


But they chose her …


And when the time of the dark moon comes you can hear her calling

And when the time of the dark moon comes, you can hear her voice

She’s sitting all alone and her mind is confused

She’s paid the price for the lesson that she’s learnt


But they chose her …


from the album Stealing Jesus Back


Words & music by Garth Hewitt

℗ & © 2014 GingerDog Records

GingerDog Records Limited

3 The Chase, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0RT


A Lenten Prayer

O God as we enter Lent

May we remember we are walking with you on a journey towards Holy Week –

May we pause and pray and meet with you.
Your teaching has been about the kingdom or community of God,
A way of life and a community that goes up against the empires of domination

As relevant now as it ever has been.
The empires of greed favouring the rich and powerful,
Instead of your way reflecting justice for all.
As you head to Jerusalem you are witness to this on Palm Sunday
As you ride in with non-violence,
From one side of Jerusalem gentle and riding on a donkey
From the other side the army of empire, injustice, greed and oppression.

As you turn the tables of oppression, so the empire wants you killed

The powers who rule, crucify you: the sin of the world kills you
But on Easter Sunday God affirms you and all you have done –

There is the rising again –
God’s community of love continues forever.

May we be in the community of love –
The community that is never silent
And so a community of the Gospel bringing justice and hope to all.




God of the just heart

God of the just heart

In the challenging words of the Sermon on the Mount

‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice

They shall be satisfied’

You remind us that satisfaction does not lie

Where we might expect it
In the security of wealth and privilege

But in the joy of doing what is right

And in working to assert the value and dignity of other people

Because this is the calling of your community

This builds relationships and just societies

This brings deep satisfaction

As all are made welcome.


So keep us hungering and thirsting

For the values that make us all whole

And then we know the healing fountains will start.



Holy Dreams to Feed the Soul



The Devil’s Moment

When the bombers are flying in the name of peace

With people hungry when they needn’t be

It’s the demon of greed when selfishness wins

It’s the devil’s moment.


When the innocent die because our cause is right

When fear is alive and cuts like a knife

When unfaithfulness wins and mistrust is alive

It’s the devil’s moment.


An aeroplane against a clear blue sky

Fearfully guided by an evil eye

Both sides of the world so many will die

It’s the devil’s moment.


Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison


When we turn away and pass on by Read more…


Two thoughts from Thomas Merton…

Two thoughts from Thomas Merton, writer, theologian, poet, social activist and mystic, and Trappist monk writing in the ‘60s, couldn’t be more important and relevant for today – first his thoughts on the danger of nuclear war, and then part of a poem where he is calling for messengers of peace to proclaim God’s law of love.


“I am not a pure pacifist in theory, though today in practice I don’t see how one can be anything else since limited wars (however “just”) present an almost certain danger of nuclear war on an all-out scale. It is absolutely clear to me that we are faced with the obligation, both as human beings and as Christians, of striving in every way possible to abolish war. The magnitude of the task cannot be allowed to deter us. Even if it seems impossible, we must still attempt it. This demands of course a spirit of faith.”


“So tell the earth to shake
With marching feet
Of messengers of peace
Proclaim my law of love
To every nation
Every race”


Thomas Merton – A Book of Hours


A Prayer at Christmas 2019



Oh God, these are difficult times –

we pray for a renewed vision of your humble way,

your way of justice and hope for all;
We pray that we might have a deep vision
of the Prince of Peace,

and the way of the Prince of Peace.

May our churches become centres
that not only have a dream of justice for all

but live out the values of this dream
in the communities in which we live.

Give us renewed joy this Christmas –
and then a renewed commitment to action –
to have an encounter with the God whose name is mercy,

the God who is humble and generous.

In the name of God,
the Creator, Redeemer and Giver of life.